CPPI and Queen Con

On April 23rd, I met a new group: California Paranormal Private Investigators (CPPI). They held an investigation at a very prominent restaurant in Anaheim that has a history of paranormal activity.

The group was extremely friendly, and welcomed me right away. CPPI has the distinction of having the most tech of any group I’ve been with so far: IR static cameras, “EM pumps”, a computer monitor station for the static cameras, etc. Just about everything you’d see on the tv shows. With the exception of one member, CPPI is largely female, which also sets them apart. They strung cable throughout the two story restaurant without any difficulty.

The group has investigated this restaurant in the past, and their rapport with the owners is such that they are left alone after closing and are trusted to lock up the restaurant when they are done. The group had at least three sensitives with them. There wasn’t much in the way of activity that I witnessed, but an interesting thing did happen. One psychic, Kd, claimed that the EM pump drained her of energy, and didn’t like being around it. An “EM Pump” emits a low-level magnetic field, which is supposed to attract spirits and allow them to manifest themselves. The theory is that since batteries are reported to be drained in the vicinity of ghosts, this “EM Pump” is supposed to act as a high enegy source for them to use.

She stated that if it affects her negatively, it may do the same to any spirits. This concept was backed up this past weeked at “Queen Con”.

Queen Con was held on the Queen Mary. It seems like paranormal people are one of the friendliest bunches on the planet, even those with a bit of fame. All of the guest speakers were very approachable and had no problem interacting with paranormal enthusiasts. I spoke to Philip Adrian Booth of the Booth Brothers for a good 20 minutes about their next project, “The Haunted Boy”.

I filmed a lot of mini interviews, which I can hopefully use in the documentary. I told everyone I filmed about the doc, and handed out a ton of cards. I also met Scott Gruenwald of Wolfe Manor Live and The Paranormal Stu. Very funny and outgoing guy.

Of the many lectures, the one by EVP experts Mark and Debby Constantino was the most interesting. They played several EVPs they have captured in many locations, including their home. A few EVPs spoke about the EM Pump, and one spirit said “it burns” them. The Constantinos said paranormal groups should consider no longer using this device if it harms the ghosts.

I had a great time at Queen Con, and was able to make a lot of new friends.

2 responses to “CPPI and Queen Con

  1. Hi Wayne! It was a pleasure meeting you at that restaurant in Anaheim on 4/23. We just investigated Loma Vista Hospital last night, and a hotel in Colton on Thursday so we’re keeping very busy. I’m looking forward to your documentary. Good luck with it! ~Sahara, CPPI Investigator

  2. I was there for Queen-Con and I was also interested to hear that the Em Pump could have possibly hurt them. I found that very interesting and also good to hear, because it has never been put across in a EVP that any of the equipment that is used during an Investigation could possibly harm a spirit.

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