The Thick Plottens…

“All Warfare Is Based On Deception.”

Sun Tzu
The Art of War

It certainly has been a while since I’ve updated this blog! In truth, the documentary, “Hotel Camarillo” was shelved for a while; it’s future uncertain as participants backed out of the project. I’m happy to report that we are back on track, and it’s more exciting than ever. Of course, it’s still not without it’s controversy.

In consulting with Joe Mendoza of 3AM Paranormal, and Frank Beruecos of Beyond Paranormal Investigations, we agreed that to tell a complete and accurate history of the paranormal investigations of Camarillo State Hospital, we would need to reach out to every old-school investigator who has walked those abandoned corridors over the past 20 years and ask them to participate. This included Frank’s former collegue Louis Gonzales, the former Founder of the now defunct “Southern California Society for Paranormal Research”.

This was against the wishes of several people. They reminded us that Louis is a polarizing figure, and is shunned by the legitimate paranormal community for purposely driving wedges between people. One college suggested I watch “Dangerous Liaisons” and keep Louis in mind. But out of respect, and again, a drive to tell the complete story of haunted Cam, I sent him the following email:

Wayne Poe Sep 24

Hi Louis;

I know a lot of negative things have happened over the past couple years on both sides, but I would like to talk to you about a comprehensive documentary about the paranormal Camarillo investigations.

As you may know, I am currently working on “Hotel Camarillo”, and want to make it as accurate as possible with all the research done there in the past 10 years. I have spoken to Joe, and he said despite the state of things between everyone, an accurate documentary couldn’t be told without including you. Frank also agrees with this. So far I am currently working with Frank, Syd, Joe, Rebecca, and Tom Durant on the documentary.

I told Joe this morning that I would love to film a roundtable discussion on the Camarillo investigations with You, Syd, Frank, and Joe all at the same time, but it probably wouldn’t happen. Frank suggested that I email you and ask. I’ve filmed sit down interviews with Frank, Joe, Rebecca, Tom, and Syd already, and if you’d like to do one of those as well, that would be great.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope you consider it.

This was Louis’ response, and my reply. (He seems to have dropped the “o” in his first name these days):

Luis Gonzalez Sep 26

I DO NOT GIVE yourself or anyone else involved in this project any permission whatsoever to include my name, likeness, voice, commentary, or video footage showing myself to be included in this documentary or any related project. Any failure to remove me or mention of myself in this project will be dealt with through legal means. As of this writing, I already see my likeness and data collected through the auspices of SCSPR that should never have been included. without my consent.

Further, Mr. Poe, I gave NO PERMISSION or did I sign ANY WAIVER for me to be included in your first attempt at doing this, so I am now formally requesting for you remove my image or likeness on that earlier video as well.

Luis A. Gonzalez

Wayne Poe Sep 26

Understood, Mr. Gonzalez. Your likeness nor voice will not appear in this documentary.

Wayne A. Poe

“Luis” is referring to the video I put up on September 25; a rough cut of the first 16 minutes of “Hotel Camarillo”

I can only guess “Luis” reference to the ‘first attempt at doing this’ must be referring to the original teaser for “Hotel Camarillo”, which was then titled, “Haunted Asylums.” “Luis” was blurred out of a 7 second scene in that trailer. And, said trailer has been offline for close to a year.

On Sunday, September 29th, I returned to Cam to film more interviews. Joining me there was Frank, Scottie Megelin, Richard Senate and his wife Debra, and Stephen Franco, another long time Cam investigator. We had a great time walking the campus, and filming interviews in various courtyards, and at the Bell Tower.

Me with Mr. Richard Senate in front of the Broome Library 09-29-2013

Later that night I visited Joe Mendoza of 3AM Paranormal. Frank and Scottie had already uploaded some pictures of the interview shoot to Facebook, and apparently when “Luis” saw that Stephen was participating in the documentary, be blew his stack. “Luis” send desperate PMs out, and posted the following on his Facebook wall:

Recently, a few individuals – without my consent – posted a short 15 minute documentary teaser with video and / or other image(s) and voice. After an initial request of the producer to remove my images in this video, it has yet to be done and this is misleading to people who – because of it – erroneously believe I’m involved in this endeavor.

Tonight, I formally asked a second time that any and all image(s), video, or sound files featuring myself be removed from these 15 minute teasers…

So… tonight, this post is two-fold, to advise those directly and even remotely affiliated with this project that ANY video captured under the auspices of SCSPR is – STILL – sole property of myself and SCSPR.

A signed waiver of ownership of anything recorded by former members of SCSPR, and under the auspices of SCSPR are STILL on file with myself and are legally binding…

In addition, I also have several years of DBA Business Tax Filings in the City of Los Angeles under SCSPR listing myself the sole owner and proprietor. These documents, as well as the aforementioned signature of Mr. Beruecos can and will be presented for any and all legal purposes should this 2nd formal request go ignored.

Any claim that these videos, images, or sound files are “property” of anyone but myself is not only misleading and false, but also prosecutable. Anyone wishing to contest their own signature on these waivers or the business tax filings for the City of Los Angeles for which I’m listed as the sole owner…I DARE YOU.


Luis A. Gonzalez

It looks like some should have been committed to Cam rather than looking for ghosts there…

After laughing on the phone with Frank, I sent this letter to “Luis”:

Dear Mr. Gonzales;

Your likeness in the rough cut of the First 16 Minutes: “Hotel Camarillo” Youtube video has been effectively eliminated. As to your claim that any video included in First 16 Minutes: “Hotel Camarillo”s is in any way, shape, or form your property has no factual basis.

My college, (typo; should have been ‘colleague’) Mr Frank Beruecos, of Beyond Paranormal Investigations, who has provided the archival investigation videos of Camarillo did so on video tape he purchased himself, and utilized on a camera he owns. He is in physical custody of these tapes which are not watermarked or otherwise identified as anyone else’s property other than Mr Frank Beruecos, of Beyond Paranormal Investigations.

Mr. Beruecos has now publically stated that he did not sign any waiver, stating his property has been signed over to any other individual. The aforementioned videos exist on Youtube in various forms as of this writing. Even if Mr. Beruecos didn’t own one centimeter of videotape, the footage used in “Hotel Camarillo” would still be protected under the Fair Use provisions of copyright law. (Section 107 of the US Copyright Law.)

Fortunately, we have no need to invoke Fair Use, since Mr Frank Beruecos, of Beyond Paranormal Investigations is the sole owner of the aforementioned footage. If you have such a signed waiver, please present a digital copy to me and I will have my legal counsel peruse this alleged document. I will also provide Mr. Beruecos with this alleged document so that he can confirm or deny that his signature appeared on such a document.

So in closing, the “Hotel Camarillo” documentary will be making full use of any and all archival investigation footage of Camarillo Mr. Beruecos sees fit to provide. Please present the alleged signed document at your earliest convenience.

Wayne A Poe

So yeah, buddy. We’ll take that dare. Better Call Saul.

Let’s put on our hip-high waders and navigate through the river of bull feces Mr SCSPR has regurgitated our way.

So… tonight, this post is two-fold, to advise those directly and even remotely affiliated with this project that ANY video captured under the auspices of SCSPR is – STILL – sole property of myself and SCSPR.

A signed waiver of ownership of anything recorded by former members of SCSPR, and under the auspices of SCSPR are STILL on file with myself and are legally binding…

“Luis” is claiming anything Frank captured on his own camera, and recorded onto Hi-8 tapes he bought himself, as well as any EVP caught with a digital recorder he also bought himself…belongs to him (Luis).

“Luis” is also claiming that his non-profit ghost busting social club was a “business”. (DBA filings = “Doing Business As. Gotta love self-important acronyms.)

First of all, as stated in a webcrawl snapshot of of November 21, 2011, SCSPR is:

…a non-profit organization whose aim is to foster a greater understanding of paranormal phenonmena with special emphasis on ghostly phenomena

So why is “Luis” stating SCSPR was a business? Don’t businesses have employees? Was Frank an employee, toiling under the thumb of “Luis”? An…UNPAID employee? I’m sure if that’s the case, Mr. Beruecos has a LOT of back pay coming his way…

And that is the end result, folks, if Mr. “I DARE YOU” wants to claim any media captured by Frank is his while Frank was an alleged “employee” of SCSPR. Copyright law clearly states that Frank and ONLY Frank owns those videos and audio files. UNLESS Frank was a paid employee of “Luis” working for SCSPR. If that were the case, “Luis” would own that media, because of a clause unique to copyright law called work for hire

I think I just heard someone choke at Dupar’s…

One response to “The Thick Plottens…

  1. As I told Wayne Poe

    The Patients who have past on at Camarillo State Hospital,
    do not the paranormal people at Camarillo, they only trust
    me, and are happy that the survivors of State Hospitals,
    through the California Memorial Project are remembering

    Have respect and honor their wishs.

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