Long Overdue Updates, and New Documentary News!

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve updated the 7PP blog. So without further adieu…

Before 2011 was over, I edited “Night Stalkers” down from one hour, 45 minutes to just 62 minutes. I researched film festivals, and most documentaries are about an hour. Plus, I could see the points where the audience was zoning out. The biggest reason for the editing came from my longtime friend Ray Montes. He took a critical look at the doc and told me I forgot how to be ruthless in my editing. Basically he said I should get to the meat, or important points a lot faster than I was. And so I did.

On Saturday, March 10 2012, “Night Stalkers” had it’s second public screening at the CPPI 2nd Annual Paranormal Filmfest for Charity Watching it with an audience seated in pews in a still-operating church was a unique experience! The audience seemed to enjoy
it, and I didn’t see anyone tuning out from this stripped down 62 minute version of the doc. I participated in a short Q & A session afterward.

Making the documentary fueled my interest and curiosity in the paranormal. Whenever my schedule provides, I still go out with investigators to capture EVPS, and participate in ITC sessions in various haunted places like cemeteries. On one occasion, I thought I had captured a truly paranormal event! I had taken a picture of fellow paranormal investigator Crystal Ketcham in the Long Beach Municipal Cemetery, and found two ghostly green streaks near her head.

I immediately tried to debunk it, as she was holing a K2 meter in her hand at the time. However, it was out of frame, and near her knees, so I still questioned whether the streaks I was seeing near her head were any kind of manifestation. Luckily, the paranormal investigators that I have a lot of respect for quickly debunked it for me. They’ve seen this kind of thing for years labeled incorrectly as a paranormal event. The ghostly streaks were actually a result of a long shutter speed setting, and Crystal moving the K2 meter seconds before.

January first of this year, I joined Crystal again at the Redondo Beach Pier. Years before, she told me she captured “faces” in the fog at the pier. On this trip, I captured an EVP calling out Crystal’s name.


On a later trip, we captured several interesting ITC interactions.

On Thursday, April 12, 2012, I attended the 1st Annual East Los Angeles Paranormal Conference at East L.A College. For this occasion, I put together a 5 minute “Night Stalkers” trailer. I also did my third Q&A on stage.

Last month I began speaking to Frank Beruecos and Dawn Gomez about a possible documentary on Camarillo State Mental Hospital. Frank has been investigating the former mental services facility for over 10 years. I also have a possible second documentary in the works. This past weekend, we drove up to Camarillo and filmed a few scenes. We’re off and running on a new doc! Stay tuned!

The Muse

January 10th sparked a whole new direction for me, and it would have never happened if it wasn’t for Nash.

I’ve been struggling for months to come up with a horror story to film and release on Youtube, just for the exposure. I can tell you what makes a horror movie suck without difficulty, but for some reason I have trouble writing my own. Nash and I began to talk about documentaries, and that was when she suggested that I try to do one of my own.

When she mentioned the idea, I could almost feel the thick fog surrounding my brain begin to dissipate as I warmed to the idea. We talked about subjects that interested me, what I was capable of, and what documentaries I liked and didn’t like. After some extreme prodding, Nash began to make me believe that I could film a documentary. She had already seen the possibility; it just took her a while to convince me.

Nash is very much my Muse. The next day, she came up with the name for the production company, urged me to buy the domain, to create the logo, and to buy business cards. By the 12th, I had everything in place, and the business cards were on the way. I had also researched contacted my first subjects to be included in the documentary. By the 16th, I met them at a Glendale Border’s book store, and we were off filming that night.

It was an incredible experience. The documentary has to do with the paranormal, and it seems I picked the perfect group on the very first try. I have since gone out with them on case #2 this past Saturday the 23rd, with the one and only Methodofmac as my fellow cameraman! Between us, we got some incredible footage! This Saturday I will be meeting the group once again for on-camera interviews, and another case.

Thank you, Nash. I owe you big time.