Jason Voorhees Black-Out Eyes

This is a quick tutorial to get the “black out” look in the eyes of Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask. This technique can work in any mask, and no one will be able to see the eyes the mask wearer, no matter how much of a close up shot is taken. The mask wearer will also have 100% visibility.

Buy a thick foam sheet from Michael’s or any craft store.

Using the a spray paint can lid, trace a circle on the foam sheet with a light colored marker. Alternately, you can press down and turn the spray can’s lid on the foam sheet to make an easy to see impression in the foam.

Cut a hole in the foam circle, leaving about a half inch boarder.

Buy some black socks from the 99 cent store, and cut the fabric to fit over one side of the foam circle as tightly as possible. Use several small pieces of duct tape to hold the stretched fabric in place on the foam circle. Do this on one side of the foam circle only.

Using duct tape or glue gun, (I used black duct tape) secure the foam circle with the stretched fabric over the eye holes of the mask. Make sure the fabric side of the foam circle is facing the mask. This will prevent your eyelashes from touching the fabric, with the foam circle acting as a cushion around your eye, so there will be no irritation when wearing the mask.