Interviews, Black Fairy Wings, and Debates

It’s difficult trying to find a relatively quiet place to conduct an interview in Hollywood, but I was willing to try in order to secure another great interview for “Hotel Camarillo.”

On October 6th, I waited for Paul Major at a small park (Hollywood Rec Center on Santa Monica Blvd) and began wondering if it was possible to do an uninterrupted interview here. There were several homeless people sleeping and “conducting business” here, along with a ball game being played in one field. A woman with black fairy wings on her back sat at my table and began speaking loudly into her cell phone. Soon after Paul arrived, and we fond a more subtle venue to record the interview.

Paul Major was co-founder and director of the former SCSPR; another early invstigator at Cam. I lost the first 10 minutes of the interview due to my Sony camcorder finally biting the dust. I switched to the Kodak, and captured another unique addition to the doc. Paul was SCSPR’s resident skeptic, so it was a very easy interview speaking to a like minded investigator. As with me, there were still some things at Cam even a skeptic can’t explain, and we explored those instances. I gave Paul a copy of “Night Stalkers” as we ended the interview.

I have since taken down “The First 16 Minutes: Hotel Camarillo” until I clear a few copyrights that have nothing to do with Frank Beruecos’ footage. Very good news in that I’ll be able to use some great significant footage as soon as I save up the cash to pay for the licensing fee.

Ricard Carradine from GHOULA had told me he and his sister rented one of the abandoned buildings at Camarillo for several years to put on alternative plays and other shows. He viewed “The First 16 Minutes: Hotel Camarillo” and expressed concerns about the trespassing issue and local ghost hunters. I saw an opportunity and asked if he’d like to debate the issue with 3AM Paranormal’s Joe Mendoza. He readily agreed, and an awesome debate ensued on Sunday the 19th, after Richard’s “Haunted L.A. Redline Tour.”