Guns n Roses: “Sweet Child O Mine” Filmed In Huntington Park, CA

UPDATED 06-17-2021

I’ve heard this rumor a lot over the years, and seen it mentioned online. But nobody seemed to know exactly where “Sweet Child O Mine” was filmed.

I brought this up in a Huntington Park group I’m in on Facebook, and it generated some interesting conversation. Having grown up in HP I didn’t remember any ballroom there, but in the 80’s I left HP and was in film school (for a brief time) in Hollywood.

After much discussion, including a dismissal of an article claiming Huntington Beach was the location of SCOM filming, the actual location was indeed a ballroom at 6130 Pacific Blvd, Huntington Park, CA 90255. It was above a bank at the time. Today, it sits empty and abandoned. A 99 Cent store has replaced the bank.



SCOM took an entire day and part of the night to film. The ballroom was known as the huntington Park Ballroom, then Mendiolas, and for a brief time, theĀ  La Rumba Nightclub, which eventually closed due to health code violations. Supposedly Black Sabbath played there once in the 1970’s under an assumed name, but the so-called Punk Rock Riots, also known as the Exploited Riot made it infamous.


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Thanks to Letty Martinez, Sergio Ortiz, Jim Ramirez, Yvonne Felissa Salgado, and Alfred Valadez.