Booksigning Event

Last Sunday after the investigation the night before, I was in Glendale again, in the same book store I first met the Psy-Paranormal team.
Tracey had contacted me about filming a book signing with Kristin and author EstherLeon Schwartz , a child Holocaust survivor who has written a memoir titled, “Tears of Stone and my Deal with God”. Kristin is the author of  The Leprechauns and the Cauldron  a fairy tale which she has based the main character on her teen age daughter, Chelsea. The two authors teamed up for an event titled, “Two Authors, One Message”, which is in support of Feed the Children, a non-profit relief organization that delivers food, water, and medicine to children worldwide. 
Tracey said this would be a great opportunity, and I readily agreed. I was lucky to contact the group when I did, so that I could incluse this eent in the documentary. EstherLeon gave her presentation first, then Kristin introduced Chelsea, who read the first chapter of  The Leprechauns and the Cauldron for the audience. Kristin had rewritten the chapter in the first person, so Chelsea could present it as a tale she was relating to the audience. 

 This was very different than the main focus of the documentary, but the more “behind the scenes” segments I can capture from all participants will enchance the film considerably. At the end of the presentation, I bought both authors’ books, and had them signed. I look forward to reading them when I get a spare moment away from digitizing video from last Saturday’s case. 

Estherleon will be at this year’s Los Angeles Times Festival of Books  at the UCLA campus April 24th and 25th. Kristin updates her Myspace page  with booksignings frequently.

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