Meeting A New Group

I am meeting with the next paranormal group tomorrow. Things are really starting to move! I’ve sent out emails to a couple more groups; hope to hear from them soon. If not there are plenty more paranormal groups in So Cal, fortunately!

I spoke with a musician friend of mine last night about contributing some original music to the documentary, and he said he’s all in.

I have all the footage I’ve shot so far digitized and stored on the external hard drive. I’ve taken the advice of a few friends and will invest in a better microphone, and hopefully, an “infrared illuminator”.

These illuminators act as spotlights when used with “nightshot” mode on the camcorder in darkness. The light is completely invisible to the naked eye, and most illuminators can only be sold to law enforcement and the military. However, there are a few that are sold to the general public.

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