A Temporary Lull…

The new mic arrived last week, but I’m still waiting for the IR illuminator. There’s no huge rush, as things have slowed a bit for the documentary. I was going to accompany Psy-Paranormal on an investigation this weekend, however I was informed that the disturbance was so strong, that the team decided the investigation couldn’t wait. The team took care of the problem this past weekend.

This leaves me with a rare free weekend coming up! This past Saturday, I attended the Great Los Angeles Air Raid Of 1942 at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro, CA. I’ve been to Ft Mac quite a few times, but never attended this annual event. It was a great time.

I found a paranormal group in the San Pedro area that conducted an investigation at Ft Mac, but they found nothing of paranormal significance. I have contacted several other groups for the documentary, and a few have responded positively. So far, only one group I have contacted has not responded.

Many of these groups I have contacted have upcoming investigations, but none seem to be in the near future. I’ll continue to contact others because fortunately for the doc, there seems to be a large amount of paranormal investigators in So Cal!

One response to “A Temporary Lull…

  1. We’re finalizing plans for our investigation in Torrance at the haunted costume shop. Once I get a release from the owner to have you filming, I’ll let you know ASAP.


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