The ‘Style’ of “Night Stalkers”

I wanted to address the “style” I used while filming this documentary. Hopefully this doesn’t sound like an apology, because it isn’t; I’m proud of the way it was filmed. Yes, the shot framing could have been better, the lighting could have been more even, the sound could have been cleaned up, etc.

Some may not realize that this really is a zero-budget production. I have no crew to lug around lights for me, or sound techs, or anything else. This was filmed much like an embedded reporter in a war zone would film a report. I became part of the paranormal investigators I have been following. Anything else would have been distracting to the process.

What you will see and hear in “Night Stalkers” is raw audio and video. I will not clean up most of the audio because of something I learned from the investigators early on – EVPs happen largely in the white noise generated by the recorders themselves or the outside noise of the environment. When audio is enhanced to clarify a captured EVP, it will be stated onscreen. Many of the nightvision scenes will be adjusted for brightness, but where there’s unexplained phenomena present, I will show the unaltered footage as well. (So far, I’ve found none.)

I’ve often claimed to be an open minded skeptic, which I still am. This documentary isn’t an expose in a sense it will have any set agenda either way. I’m aiming for unbiased reporting on the subject. I don’t ask “hard hitting” or confrontational questions because it’s not my place to do so. This documentary is about the investigators themselves, and what they feel comfortable with sharing. No one was ‘put on the spot’.

Will that kind of approach make this a boring documentary? That’s up to the viewer. What it won’t have are jump cuts, dramatic music, special effects of scary this jumping out at the audience; etc. What I’m trying to say is, it won’t strive to look like the paranormal TV and movie documentaries that are out there today. Even if I did have the budget and crew to make “Night Stalkers” as slick looking and polished as other films on the same subject, I wouldn’t do it. I feel that the approach I took was an honest one.

Since I’ve neglected this blog for so long, I’ve forgotten to feature the long form trailer I released several months ago, so here it is!

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