DVDs and World Premiere

A couple weeks ago I settled on a final edit of “Night Stalkers.” I had a few early versions peer reviewed, and I’m glad I took the advice offered. I’m really proud of the final product.

I went to a local cemetery along with 3am Paranormal and a couple friends to shoot the cover art for the DVD. That was a lot of fun, and turned out great.

I found a great service online for DVD duplication and packaging, Mixonic.com. I ordered 60 copies, knowing I’d have to give away at least 13 to various groups and people that participated in the documentary.

I received the DVDs a week ago, and they look great. “Night Stalkers” is going to have it’s premiere at one of the most haunted locations in California: Linda Vista Hospital. This will be during Scott Gruenwald’s second annual ‘STU-Con” convention. They even re-named the chapel the “Wayne Poe Theatre”!

It’s going to be a lot of fun. “Night Stalkers” DVDs will be sold at the 3am Paranormal vendor table.


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