First Test Screening

I had a small screening of “Night Stalkers” on Saturday. It was projected via a digital projector on a white wall. Tough room of my closest skeptical friends, but they enjoyed it!

While everyone else was watching it, I was cringing at the pixelation, poor lighting, scenes that ran too long, etc. There’s one scene in particular I’d like to re-do, if the person I interviewed is up for it. Based on Saturday’s screening, I’m doing a third “final” edit of the doc, tightening up some scenes, removing the “sharpen” video effect that just makes everything grainy, fixing some sound issues, replacing a couple captions, and just general tweaking all over.

There was one scene that a few people I consulted agreed may be misleading, so I’m going to replace it. There’s two sections where EVPs are played that I may drop. Laymen in the audience heard nothing at all. The one EVP presented by investigator Louis Gonzalez was quite clear, and impressed the most hard line skeptics in the room.

On August 6th, 2011, “Night Stalkers” will have its first public viewing at STU-CON 2, at Linda Vista hospital! Scott Gruenwald and Boyle Heights Paranormal Project are converting the old chapel into the Wayne Poe Theater! Too funny!

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