A Temporary Lull…

The new mic arrived last week, but I’m still waiting for the IR illuminator. There’s no huge rush, as things have slowed a bit for the documentary. I was going to accompany Psy-Paranormal on an investigation this weekend, however I was informed that the disturbance was so strong, that the team decided the investigation couldn’t wait. The team took care of the problem this past weekend.

This leaves me with a rare free weekend coming up! This past Saturday, I attended the Great Los Angeles Air Raid Of 1942 at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro, CA. I’ve been to Ft Mac quite a few times, but never attended this annual event. It was a great time.

I found a paranormal group in the San Pedro area that conducted an investigation at Ft Mac, but they found nothing of paranormal significance. I have contacted several other groups for the documentary, and a few have responded positively. So far, only one group I have contacted has not responded.

Many of these groups I have contacted have upcoming investigations, but none seem to be in the near future. I’ll continue to contact others because fortunately for the doc, there seems to be a large amount of paranormal investigators in So Cal!

Project Update: 01-31-2010

Very tired from last night’s investigation. I’ve never done anything similar on any of my birthdays! Here’s a couple shots of Tracey and Kristin during last week’s investigation.

I met Tracey, Lead Psychic investigator for Psy-Paranormal.com at the bookshop she works at;  Enlightenment Books and Gifts early yesterday afternoon. She gave me a psychic reading, then the rest of the crew met me in a meeting room at the back of the book store.

We filmed intros for everyone, however, Kristin, the other psychic investigator for the group, was unable to make it. I got a lot of great footage discussing how the group came together, what led the individual team members into paranormal investigation, and their personal experiences. The time flew by fast, and we had to pack up and leave for the two investigations scheduled that night.

We went in two vehicles; I rode in Tracey’s 4×4 along with EVP Specialist and Videographer Cory, and Assistant  Director and Lead Investigator Eric. I wish I would have had my camera in the truck, because the banter between them was great. I wasn’t sure just how much of the time they wanted my camera in their face, though!

The first house of the night was in Phelan, CA. The family was plagued by evil entities that were harassing a teenage girl and her mother. I captured a couple hours of great footage of the team as they worked. I consciously focused more on the tech guys, Gary and Cory this time. They set up EVP sessions, one including a “lights-out” in the main room of the house. Gary set up a camera in two of the active rooms with a motion sensor and alarm.

Tracey took the lead on the psychic  end, and used the investigation to hone the education of beginning psychic investigator Eric.  Gary’s wife  Nancy,  a seasoned sensitive / psychic in her own right, contributed her expertise to the investigation as well.  The girl and her mother were visibly upset and on the verge of tears when we arrived. Once the team investigated their home, and assured them that they were being taken seriously, they calmed down. After Tracey and the two other psychics cleared the home, both mother and daughter were smiling and in a happy mood.

The second house involved two “friendly” entities, and it was at this point I was out of batteries and tape! But it was still a great experience to see the team bring comfort to the people they were summoned to help.