HOTEL CAMARILLO and  NIGHT STALKERS  are now available for rent or digital download on I Bleed Indie. 

The first entries under the new Real Paranormal documentaries to the site!

“Hotel Camarillo” is a 67 minute documentary focusing on paranormal investigations over the past 10 years at former Camarillo State Mental Hospital. Using a decade of archival footage, EVP, ITC, and photos along with new interviews with the investigators, “Hotel Camarillo” is the complete history of paranormal activity in the old abandoned buildings, some that no longer exist on the campus.

“Night Stalkers” is a paranormal documentary which follows Southern California paranormal investigators, and asks what drives them to hunt ghosts. Night Stalkers was shot in 2010 and 2011, and captures a unique time in Southern California where paranormal investigating was starting to grow. We learn the philosophies and techniques that ghost hunters use to communicte with the energies some call spirits.

Ouija Bored

People need to get over this Ouija Board nonsense. There is not one documented case that proves playing with a Ouija Board summons demons.

The Ouija Board scare can be tracked down to one movie which came out in 1973. So long ago, that current Ouija Board fear mongerers’ PARENTS weren’t even born yet. That movie was The Exorcist

In the movie, Regan plays with a Ouija Board, and contacts “Captain Howdy”, which leads to her being possessed by the demon Pazuzu.

This is the genesis of the legend that Ouija Boards are dangerous. Most people spouting this crap don’t even realize that this nonsense originated with a movie. When The Exorcist came out, people were scared out of their minds. It made such a cultural impact that people have forgotten about the Ouija Board scene in the film, and just keep repeating the myth.